WILD Life      

Using old garden hoses, pencils, and discarded card catalogue cards from UNC library--ticket stubs, yarn, rubber bands and whatever else I need, and I made a wild space--a jungle of my imagination. Influenced by Roseau’s paintings, but nothing like them, I want to make an unknown land out of discarded stuff. Creatures, birds, snakes butterflies, beasts will inhabited this installation. WILD life.




"Wild Life is the best installation you have ever done.  I'm so glad I went.  It made me so happy and I felt so inspired.  

I love the green color and the way it pulled the wild life, the paper leaves and flowers, and the hose/vines together.  The size of the room meant that all the aspects of the exhibit were close together, so it felt like the jungle you were suggesting.

I loved the way that you used recycle materials, made beauty, and invited the community to walk through the art.  Your presentation ahead of time reminded me of how much trash we create in this country.  When I went home, I was more careful about buying and creating trash.

They way you invite people to participate in the creation of the art encourages all of us to believe that we can make art ourselves.

You combine art, education, and public participation in the most wonderful ways.  Wild Life, like your shoe labyrinths, invites us to explore space, color, beauty, and meaning in whole new ways."

Jeanette Stokes, director Resource Center for Women & Ministry in the South

"My installation, Wild Life, is an attempt to process some of my thoughts on what I have seen. I want to make my own wild space for animals and wild life. As in my previous work, I am using a palette of recycled materials from my everyday life. My investigation is ongoing. As I write this, I see a hummingbird feasting on the flowers in the Rose of Sharon outside my window. This morning, I found a mouse nest in the shed where I store my art materials. I feel thankful for all the signs of wild life around me."

Bryant Holsenbeck


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2014 Ackland Museum Shop Gallery, Chapel Hill, NC

2013 Blue Spiral 1, Asheville, NC

2011 — Rebus Works, Raleigh NC

2011 — Greenhill Center for NC Art

2007 — Waterworks/ Salisbury, NC, summer

2006 — Craven/Allen Gallery, Durham, NC