Weaving Like a Bird      
  Using recycled material, string, yarn , old sheets etc. we will weave either wall hangings or sculptures. This residency works for all ages. It is good for one grade level, or could be used for the entire school with older children helping the younger ones. Everyone can be involved.  



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  Client List        

2014 Tyrell County Schools, Columbia, NC

2014-2010 School residencies through United Arts Council, Raleigh NC

2010 — Estes Hills Elementary School, Chapel Hill, NC

2010 — Cameron Park Elementary School, Hillsborough, NC

2010 — Camden Middle School, Camden, NC

2010 — Sycamore Creek Elementary School, Raleigh, NC

2010 & 2009 — Oak Grove Elementary School, Cary, NC

2008 — Avesboro Elementary School, Wake County, NV

2008 — North Hampton County, North Carolina

2007 — Poe Montessori School, Raleigh, NC

2006 — Joyner Elementary School, Raleigh, NC

2005 — Exploris Middle School, Raleigh, NC

2003 — Contemporary Art Museum in conjunction with students of Moore Square Museums Magnet Middle School, Raleigh, NC

2003 — Southwest School of Art & Craft, San Antonio, TX