Works Using Old Shoes      

In these works I used discarded shoes to make labyrinths; In both cases, school children were asked to put their thoughts on community on a shoe before they placed it in the labyrinth.



“Bryant Holsenbeck’s mixed-media installations and sculptures utilize and recycle everyday objects that have been discarded and ignored. She provokes us to look again at what we have tried to get rid of and throw away. She shows us that everything can be made into something again, including not just two, but hundreds of left shoes: the credit card you cut in half to keep from spending more; the Christmas tree you left on the curb: thousands of bottle caps that come in and out of your kitchen. She transforms other people’s junk into poetic and provocative objects with an undercutting commentary on contemporary society’s excessive materialism and waste.”
Linda Johnson Dougherty, Curator


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2007 — SHOE LABYRINTH — Apex High School, Apex, North Carolina

2006 — SHOE LABYRINTH —made by the 2nd grades of Joyner Elementary School, an A+ school, Raleigh, NC, winter

2006 — SHOES! A COMMUNITY LABYRINTH: SHOES: A COMMUNITY LABYRINTH: a collaborative installation with Durham Central Park School in Conjunction with «Art and the Feminine Devine» sponsored by theResource Center for Women Minstry and the South, Durham, NC

1999 — SHOE TREES — An installation in the Carrillion Gallery, Charlotte,NC